Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday, July 18, 2008

School is near oh dear, oh dear. Last year we had a lot of achievements. Katie survived her fifth year of teaching. She also learned that she was moving grades (again...) to fifth grade. Last year she taught fourth so she will have many of her same kids. Kelsey survived trekking through London and more of Europe. She was even on her own at times (With a safety buddy of course)!!! While all Stephanie did was go to some really boring awards ceremonies. The worst was first of course. Just plain old all school ( well mostly the smart kids ) awards. Stephanie had to sit through the whole 2 hour thing and you know what award she got??? She got the insane award of the Science award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awful! But who really cares. Ummmmm... Stephanie does! Well also at school last year Stephanie made it through her first year of every day PE (pure torture) and hated every minute. Well almost every minute, she liked the swimming for 2 and a half weeks. Her best mile time was the sad number of 12:07 but I don't feel it is important to do the mile in junior high.
Kelsey did pretty much every hard class you can think of and with style ( my goodness I sound like Elle Woods). She had more homework than the Sultan of Umbowbowbowbow. Sadly enough Katie didn't have any good stories. No bike locks around necks or anything! It was very sad. Well that was school in a nutshell because most of us don't want to remember much more of it :) !